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Cafe Copan Our first and still best selling coffee, Cafe Copan is pure premium high grown (HG) coffee. We buy direct from the grower here in western Honduras and roast it ourselves, and it shows in our quality. Because every order of Cafe Copan is a special order — we roast, grind, and package your order to your specifications — we are able to offer you exactly what you want, how you want it:

Roast and Grind: Available in either regular or dark. Cafe Copan dark has a hearty French roast and is ground fine for best performance in espresso machines. Cafe Copan regular has a normal roast and ground for drip coffee makers and percolators. Both are available in whole bean for those who prefer to grind their own. Cafe Copan regular roast, ground, will be shipped unless specified otherwise.

Cafe Copan in burlap bag Packaging: Cafe Copan’s signature package is an attractive burlap bag containing 450 g (approximately 1 pound). It is a miniature version of the 150 pound sacks used to export green coffee to Europe and North America, but with an airtight inner liner inside the burlap to maintain the coffee’s freshness. Unique and eye catching, it is ideal for gifts and for retail sales in markets, gourmet food stores, and gift shops. Many restaurants, hotels, and cafes that sell our coffee by the cup increase their earnings by displaying and selling Cafe Copan by the bag near the cashier or registration desk.

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Cafe Copan Decaffeinated

Cafe Copan Decaffeinated Cafe Copan Decaffeinated is our newest addition to our growing product line. We begin with the same hand selected HG coffee beans as Cafe Copan, and then decaffeinate them via a water process. No chemicals are used. We are the only Honduran coffee producer to our knowledge that takes the trouble to have their own coffee decaffeinated. By using our own beans, we are able to guarantee you the same quality and flavor that you have come to expect from Cafe Copan.

Roast and Grind: Cafe Copan Decaffeinated is available in regular roast, and in your choice of ground or whole bean. Ground will be shipped unless specified otherwise.

Packaging: Available in laminated foil bags of 8 ounce (227 g) and 5 lb. (2.25 kg). The air and light tight bags feature a one way valve to maintain the coffee’s freshness. The smaller 8 ounce bags is a perfect size with which to try our coffee, while the larger 5 lb. bag is your more economical choice. Of course, Cafe Copan Decaffeinated is also available in our original 450 g (approximately one pound) burlap bags, just like Cafe Copan.

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Cafe San Marcos Supremo

Cafe San Marcos A Strictly High Grown (SHG) sun dried coffee, Cafe San Marcos Supremo offers unparalleled aroma and flavor. If you must have the best, you must have Cafe San Marcos Supremo.

Roast and Grind: Like our other coffees, Cafe San Marcos Supremo is available in either regular or dark roast, and in your choice of ground or whole bean. Regular roast, ground, will be shipped unless specified otherwise.

Packaging: Available in 14 ounce (398 g) vacuum sealed cans, 8 ounce (227 g) laminated foil bags, and our signature 450 g (approximately 1 lb.) burlap bags.


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